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    Microsoft Migration

    • Why is Tracker Corp migrating to Microsoft Azure?

      Tracker Corp is committed to ensuring a more efficient and secure application experience for its clients worldwide.  Microsoft’s industry-leading hosting environment will offer on-demand scalability and data security for all Tracker clients.  After conducting extensive infrastructure testing to ensure a secure and seamless migration, we anticipate minimal disruption to our client environments during this transition.  

    • When will this migration take place?

      Tracker plans to officially initiate the migration to Microsoft Azure in Q4 of 2019.  Of course, we will keep our clients regularly apprised of new developments leading up to and throughout the transition process. 

    • Will this affect our day-to-day process (during or after migration)?

      No.  We anticipate the migration to be a seamless transition for all Tracker clients.

    • Will the application be available during the migration?

      We expect very minimal disruption when the official migration takes place.  This will occur during a weekend, to mitigate any impact on clients’ workdays.  We will keep all clients updated on the migration schedule over the coming months.

    • Will Tracker clients have to make any system updates or adjustments?

      Potentially, yes. Organizations may need to make changes to firewalls, whitelists and content filters to allow for connectivity to the new Azure infrastructure.  We will fully communicate these changes to you as our migration preparations continue.  In addition, clients may have their own obligations that require communication of this migration to other parties.

    • Will our data be safe during the migration?

      Yes.  Data security is our number one priority.  Clients’ data will be transferred, processed, and stored according to all SOC 2 security standards and protocols.

    • Where will our data be stored?

      All client data will be stored in secure Microsoft Azure data centers in the west region of the United States (US West Region), and are equipped with multi-tiered data backup.

    • Who can I contact with questions regarding this migration?

      ImmigrationTracker clients, please reach out to your dedicated Support Team at Support@TrackerCorp.com.   

      Tracker I-9 clients, please reach out to your dedicated Support Team at I9Support@TrackerCorp.com.   

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