• Tracker’s Response to COVID-19

UPDATE 3/23/20

Community Updates:
DHS announced on 3/20/2020 that it will allow remote verification (followed by in person verification later) during COVID-19 shelter procedures

The Network Alliance has announced it is shutting all centers, in light of shelter-in-place orders, so Tracker is taking these measures to ensure our customers can continue with their I-9 processing and not unduly hold up the onboarding of any employees.  We have developed an approach to remotely guide your hires in Section 2, leveraging our co-founder’s highly ranked  immigration/I-9 law firm and our existing  I-9 Help Center plus our Tracker I-9 Remote-Mobile functionality.


Wherever your new employee is, they can stand 6+ feet away from their chosen neighbor or friend or other person near their home, to complete the in-person document review.  If that person or your employee wants guidance on completing Section 2 for you, Tracker’s Virtual I-9 Pro service (staffed by immigration paralegals and attorneys) will be available by phone or video, as preferred.  In 3-5 minutes, without risk of exposure or violating shelter-in-place orders, they can complete the tricky in-person component. See below under WANT MORE INFO. You will be able to see in your Tracker I-9 system what they have entered and you can centrally finish the I-9 and E-Verify as you always have.  We will honor the Network Alliance fees, just as in your current contract.


For your convenience, all Tracker I-9 Complete customers who have the Network Alliance option be sent links for calendaring the Virtual I-9 pro appointments.  We are aiming to quickly build this as an automated link that your new hires can use, so they can self-select the Section 2 Authorized Representative (see below) and the time slot for the guidance.

If you don’t currently have the Network Alliance option and would like to enable the Virtual I-9 Pro functionality for your organization, contact sales@trackercorp.com


It’s widely discussed in the media now that the I-9 form is putting new people at risk, as it is the only onboarding document that requires an in-person showing of original documents (Section 2 Document Review).  DHS announced on 3/20/2020 that it will allow remote verification (followed by in person verification later) during COVID-19 shelter procedures.  However, the requirements for doing the DHS-approved COVID verification are so cumbersome that many employers are choosing to simply take advantage of Tracker I-9 Complete, which keeps your employees secure and on track during and beyond COVID. Even if they can’t go to a testing or Network Center, the rules allow you to designate an “Authorized Representative” (AR) for Section 2.

Who can be an Authorized Representative or AR? 

The federal rules are wide open. It can be a notary (but the notary can’t charge in some states, like in California, and can never use their notary seal per DHS rules).  More commonly, it is a friend, neighbor, coworker, banker, clergyman or almost anyone else you know well enough to ask. A best practice is for the AR to be over 18 and not a family member.  They simply need a mobile device.

How it works:

You already have the capability now via our unmatched Tracker I-9 Remote-Mobile functionality to send a secure link via email for any AR the employee or you select to review the I-9 documents.

The employee can arrange to meet them outdoors – near a front porch or in a park or parking lot, etc.  Find a surface to put the ID documents on (gloves are recommended) and walk 6 feet or more away.  The AR can then approach the documents, inspect them and enter the few required fields into their own smartphone via the link provided by the Tracker system to their email address.  The AR then walks away and the employee recovers their documents.  You’ll have what you need in your Tracker I-9 system, without worrying about the four additional requirements (some now and some in the future) for following COVID remote procedures announced by the DHS.

Questions?  info@trackercorp.com or reach out to your dedicated services team.


Fred Colman, President

UPDATE 3/16/20

Here at Tracker, we are closely watching the developments around COVID-19, aiming to help with the well being and safety of our customers, employees, company, and community. We are committed to providing you the tools you need to maintain compliant and secure workforces regardless of the situation.

Completing an I-9 form for a remote employee during a global pandemic can be especially tricky due to the face-to-face identification verification requirement in section 2, which must be done within three business days. USCIS has confirmed that even in the wake of COVID-19, the “employer or authorized representative must physically examine” the documents and “reviewing or examining documents via webcam is not permissible.”

One major advantage of Tracker I-9 Complete is that you can complete this step for employees anywhere in the U.S. via Tracker’s remote onboarding processing features

New hires don’t need to come to a physical office location if you designate an “authorized representative” and use the remote features.  If you are unsure of whether you have enabled this feature, or how to take advantage of this feature, please reach out to your support team representative and they will be happy to assist you. Tracker I-9 Complete’s mobile functionality allows any new hire to complete the task within 3-5 minutes with the help of an “authorized representative,” who can legally be most people who are over 18 and not a family member (a fellow employee, neighbor, banker, Starbucks barista, etc.).

In the case of employees who may not have access to someone who can help them complete this form, Tracker has partnered with a nationwide mobile notary network and over 20,000 help centers nationwide. Tracker’s mobile dashboard allows users to securely monitor I-9 deadlines and workflows remotely.

We are closely monitoring the situation at this point, and we will stay in touch with any additional updates from USCIS and other Federal Agencies.

The Tracker team has also made adjustments to reflect the ongoing support and health for our customers including:

  • Canceling or postponing all in-person client events and demos through the end of April. We will be primarily focused on a digital-first experience at Tracker.
  • Ramping up digital training and education starting next week. Our goal is to help share more tips, training, and education on how you can leverage Tracker I-9 remote during this challenging time. Be on the lookout for more updates here in the coming weeks.
  • Focusing Tracker’s social content and conversation around helping employers during this uncertain time and providing resources around remote work and productivity. Please continue to follow us on Twitter and on LinkedIn for the latest updates and news pertaining to remote hiring and compliance.

For additional questions on how we are addressing our business operations, as well as critical features in Tracker that could support your team during this time, please visit our help center FAQs. We are committed to your well being and success. If there is anything further we can do to support you, please reply to this email and let us know.

Fred Colman, President