“Getting it wrong is too easy with most I-9 and immigration systems. We know the pain, and that’s why we’ve spent two decades working with government organizations and top immigration attorneys to deliver a comprehensive platform that keeps employers and their counsel safe. We’re proud to stand beside your team when it matters most.”

– Fred Colman – President and Founder, Tracker Corp

As we kick off a new decade, Tracker Corp will celebrate yet another year of zero I-9 fines. The benchmark caps a perfect 20-year track record amidst increased ICE audits and heightened corporate penalties. In a world where inaccurate I-9 completion can lead to seven-figure fines, our accomplishment serves an important milestone, a testament to the quality of the suite of products we have developed and our effort to stay ahead of the times.

The story of Tracker dates back to 1997 when the need for immigration was first identified by Tracker’s Chair and the former head of the USCIS/INS, both seasoned veterans of legal immigration enforcement. This discovery led to support from the Pearl Law Group and the launch of Immigration Tracker the following year. The product was revolutionary, serving as the first non-proprietary platform for full immigration case management (IMS). The need was recognized by the world’s foremost enterprises, serving as the first step along a path of future successes.

In just five years, Immigration Tracker grew to become the chosen solution among the majority of top-rated US immigration law firms. The Company next sought to broaden its portfolio of immigration solutions by addressing the I-9. In 2009, the I-9 Complete was launched, marking the release of the Company’s first I-9 platform. The response was so strong that just one year later, ICE submitted a press release announcing the approval of Tracker I-9 Complete as an electronic I-9 solution for a recently audited employer.

The I-9 Complete became the leader in automated I-9 completion, but it specifically addressed new I-9s. In pursuit of broadening our product offerings, Tracker took on the challenge of leveraging technology to remedy historical I-9s. The goal was to not only eliminate damaging errors but to do so for a fraction of the cost and time. Our efforts paid off: in 2013; Tracker launched the first automated I-9 remediation tool, a best-in-class product that enabled companies to address their full suite of new and existing I-9s.

The launch of Immigration Tracker, I-9 Complete, and I-9 Resolve served as technological breakthroughs in immigration law and enforcement. Beyond the starts, and just as significant, has been Tracker’s ongoing commitment to leveraging the best technological advancements and staying current with the latest versions of the applicable immigration forms. After millions of I-9s produced and a record number of audits, Tracker’s breakthrough technology continues to stand above, with a perfect record of success. Learn more at trackercorp.com.