We are on a mission to help U.S. employers maintain compliant and secure workforces. After more than two decades, we are proud to be the proven partner in workplace compliance and
case management.


Backed by the awarded Pearl Law Group, Tracker is proud to be the only I-9 Compliance Software that maintains a perfect 15+ year track record of zero client fines in federal and ICE audits.

Our Story

Tracker Corp’s journey to becoming the industry’s leader in Form I-9 and case management software
began over two decades ago in our home city of San Francisco.


  • 1997
    Need Identified  

    1997 - 

    The need for immigration technology is identified by two attorneys in Silicon Valley: Tracker’s Chair and the former head of USCIS/INS.

  • 1998
    ImmigrationTracker Launches  
    Pear Law Group

    1998 - 

    ImmigrationTracker is launched by Pearl Law Group, as the first non-proprietary platform for full immigration case management (IMS).

  • 2003
    ImmigrationTracker Gains Traction  

    2003 - 

    ImmigrationTracker is adopted by the majority of top-rated US immigration law firms.

“Getting it wrong is too easy with most I-9 and immigration systems.  We know the pain and that’s why we’ve spent two decades working with government organizations and top immigration attorneys to deliver a comprehensive platform that keeps employers and their counsel safe. We’re proud to stand beside your team when it matters most.”

– Fred Colman – President and Founder, Tracker Corp