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Julie Pearl, Tracker’s Executive Chair and Co-Founder discusses Trump, Technology and Immigration Law in Above The Law

"Coping With Uncertainty: Immigration Firms And Technology" by Monica Bay, Fellow, CodeX: The Stanford Center for Legal Informatics

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — March 7th, 2017. In this article, Julie Pearl discusses how mature legal technology and law firms are affected by Trump’s agenda, and what Tracker and Pearl Law Group - of which she is CEO - have done in response.

"We’ve upped our communications substantially by issuing alerts within just a few hours, if not immediately, when actions are taken by the administration and when imminent actions have been leaked....

"We’ve created a special section on our public website for monitoring developments and accessing important resources."
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Tracker Corporation Goes Mobile with their Everify and I-9 Compliance Applications Transformed by PowWow Mobile

"Case Study: Increased Efficiency and Competitive Advantage with Enterprise Mobile Apps" by Allison Gregoire, Director of Content Marketing at PowWow Mobile

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — January 26th, 2017. PowWow Mobile transformed Tracker Corporation's custom-built web application into a modern mobile app and within two months of deployment, Tracker had 20,000 employees utilizing it to complete Form I-9. Tracker Corporation, a leading solution provider for I-9, E-Verify, and immigration compliance, estimates a labor savings of 70 percent to achieve the equivalent levels of compliance on the desktop.

What once took hours or days with paper-based processes, now only takes minutes and a few taps on a mobile device. Prior to the deployment of the mobile app, employers relied on manual processes that required the use of copiers, scanners and paper. With the mobile app, employers can now complete new hire processes from anywhere on their mobile devices.
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Tracker Customer Stories


Shaw Industries Group
World's largest carpet manufacturer with $4B in sales and 22,500 employees.

"When you're overseeing a critical function like employment authorization, you need to be able to clearly see how you're doing on a real-time basis."

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Abercrombie & Fitch
Retailer of casual apparel with over 1,000 stores and 98,000 employees.

"Nothing tests your company's best practices like an ICE audit."

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Boston's Restaurant & Sports Bar
Nationwide restaurant chain employing about 50-60 people per location.

"It's nice for our busy managers
to be rewarded for compliance,
rather than be in fear of it."

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