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ImmigrationTracker Overview

As an immigration professional, you know how difficult it is to execute immigration casework consistently across teams and cases, keep all processes moving forward, and stay on top of what you need to know. If you're like most immigration professionals, you want to empower your expensive legal staff to be highly productive, but you're reluctant to adopt automation if it makes you give up your vision for exactly how immigration casework should be executed.

Create highly productive teams

With ImmigrationTracker you create highly productive teams and keep your legal staff focused on high-skill activities. Unlike other immigration case management systems, ImmigrationTracker allows you to automate every phase of your immigration casework. From service initiation to fact gathering, case preparation, filing and post-filing, ImmigrationTracker allows you to automate casework tasks across the entire end-to-end process.

Retain full control

Other immigration case management systems lock you into their vision for your process flows and questionnaires, and take other liberties such as overwriting your data without your approval. With ImmigrationTracker, you're in charge. Execute the precise case processes you want. Define questionnaires exactly as you need them. Create the exact data fields you need. Control precisely what goes into your database.

Know what's going on, always

Unlike other immigration case management systems that make you click endlessly to try to uncover what you might need to know, ImmigrationTracker gives you the information you need at a glance, on your management dashboard. Each team member stays focused with their own dashboard giving them a clear view of what they need to do and when they need to do it. Reminders provide an extra fail-safe so you never miss a deadline. With ImmigrationTracker's web portals, the individuals and organizations you serve also have the information they need at their fingertips.

Fine tune on the fly

Many immigration case management systems are so difficult to use you have to dedicate a highly-trained resource to manage the system. When you want to change a process, you're at the mercy of other projects and priorities queued up for your dedicated resource. With ImmigrationTracker, changing a process is so simple you can do it on the fly. When your needs change or you see an opportunity to improve a workflow, easily change any case process on your own with a few simple clicks.

Realize higher efficiencies right away

ImmigrationTracker comes with a rich collection of pre-configured case processes, best-practice email and document templates, and ready-to-use questionnaires. Use these as is, or easily modify them to create workflows and materials that precisely represent your unique vision for how immigration cases should be executed.

Never bother with IT

Use your ImmigrationTracker subscription service without putting a single demand on your IT resources. As a pure SaaS application, there is no software to install and no infrastructure to maintain. The ImmigrationTracker service includes all backups and upgrades.

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