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Prepare perfect cases

As an immigration professional, you know exactly how you want your cases executed. But if you're like most others, you also know the frustration of working with immigration case management systems that either lock you into someone else's vision for your process flows, or are so complex that it is a struggle to change your processes as your needs change.

Execute case processes exactly as you want

With the ImmigrationTracker immigration case management solution, you can customize your processes exactly as you want them. Use a rich collection of pre-configured immigration case processes as your starting point. Create workflows that are the perfect fit to your organization's unique needs:

  • Add steps and arrange their order
  • Specify triggers
  • Define templates for emails and documents
  • Design questionnaires
  • Create custom fields

Trigger the right action at the right time

Trigger actions to support each step of your process workflow. For example, when a process is started, you might trigger actions to grant portal access to the individual, post a case-specific questionnaire on his/her portal, and send a personalized email that includes a link, login, and instructions. Once the case has been approved, you might trigger actions to update the immigration status, change the process status to approved, and send an automated personalized email to the sponsored individual.

Powerful actions you can trigger include:

  • Compose and send a dynamic, personalized email from a case-specific template
  • Launch and auto-fill all forms needed for a process
  • Publish a dynamic, personalized document such as a cover letter
  • Post a case-specific questionnaire on a sponsored individual's portal and send an automated, personalized email that alerts the individual to the questionnaire
  • Create a case-specific list of documents for a sponsored individual to upload, post it on his/her portal
  • Create a set of tasks and assign each to the associated team member
  • Grant portal access to an individual
  • Change a process status
  • Update an individual's immigration status
  • Close a process
  • Set a reminder
  • Record a billable item, along with the associated fee, pulled from your fee table
  • Generate an invoice

Automate timely communications

Define the communication pieces you want to be part of your automated case workflow. Start with a comprehensive collection of best practice templates for each case type. Customize the templates, create new templates, and even convert documents you are already using into templates. Use events to trigger specific communications so the right communication is always sent at the right time. When it is time to send a communication, ImmigrationTracker dynamically populates the specified email or document template with the content you pre-specified. As you send and receive emails, they are logged automatically to the relevant individual and case records.



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