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Monitor and control risk

If you manage immigration teams, you know how difficult it is to track all the moving parts involved in immigration casework. You likely have no easy way to know what is in danger of falling through the cracks or in need of your attention. In an effort to stay on top of things, you probably do a lot of clicking every day. Or, you rely on periodic reports or meetings for status updates, which means by the time you discover an issue it has often been unaddressed for some time.

Know what's going on across all matters

With the ImmigrationTracker immigration case management system, you see what you need at a glance, on your management dashboard. Colorful, interactive charts give you a birds-eye view of filings and intakes, filtered by date range and organization. Change filters on the fly or progressively drill down for more detail. Customize your dashboard to show the items you want to track.

Make sure all actions are moving forward

Control risk with a view of the tasks your team members currently have open, organized by due date. See upcoming expirations with date and status. View open tasks assigned to your team members, by due date. With a glance you can ensure that your team is making timely progress on all actions, and quickly identify any items that are at risk. Drill down for more detail on any task or process with a single click.

Gain further visibility with real-time reports

Run real-time reports to gain further visibility into your business or to communicate performance to constituents. Choose from a selection of pre-built reports or create your own custom reports. Select and order the columns you want in your custom report — which can include your own custom fields — and define how you want the report filtered and sorted. Export reports to Excel to further manipulate or to combine the data with other business information. Create a PDF of the report with the click of a button. To further increase efficiencies, schedule reports to be run at specified times automatically.

Never miss a deadline

Provide an extra fail-safe for deadlines by setting a task to alert you when a due date or expiration date gets too close. You can also set reminders so you get alerted when an event has not taken place by a certain date. This ensures that your projects keep moving forward. You might set a reminder to follow up when an individual does not return a questionnaire in a certain timeframe, for example, or when a receipt notice or decision has not been made by a certain date.

You can also use reminders so you don't miss activities that are beyond the lifespan of your current processes. For example, you might set a reminder to get in touch with a sponsored individual at a future time correlated with matters such as a final non-immigrant visa date or green card eligibility. Or set a reminder to follow up on an expected future need, such as a re-entry permit or naturalization.



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