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Keep everyone informed

As an immigration professional, you likely spend a good amount of time trying to get the information you need from the individuals and organizations you serve. And, on an ongoing basis, you answer their questions about case progress and status, and reassure them that everything is on track. You know the inefficiency of trying to stay organized via emails, attached documents, meetings and other disjointed means.

Give everyone information at their fingertips

Create secure, custom-branded web portals for the individuals and organizations you serve. Provide portal access to sponsored individuals and their representatives such as their assigned human resources (HR) contact and manager or their family members.

You define the access rights and permissions for each portal user, so they see information about the cases relevant to them. For example, a sponsored individual will see information about his/her case only. An HR contact will see information about all the cases to which they are assigned, and will also have the ability to run reports that show the status of all their cases.

Portal users have the information they need at their fingertips. They see all applicable case processes, along with the milestones completed and next steps for each. They are alerted to any documents awaiting their review or questionnaires that need their attention. They have information about all team members related to the case. They see the case-specific list of documents you've asked them to provide. They can upload each document with a few simple clicks, and keep track of the documents they still need to upload. The portal information is updated in real-time, and all users have the comfort of knowing their case team is on the same page.

Keep team members focused

Focus each staff member on the actions required of them via their own personalized dashboard that shows their to-do's by due date, with one-click access to their own next actions. Keep teams on the same page with everyone seeing information that is always up to date. Keep cases moving forward with each team member presented with a clear view of what they need to do.

Define your user roles exactly as you need them. Then the right information and right controls are presented to the right staff members, automatically.

Guide team members at every turn

The ImmigrationTracker immigration case management software guides team members through your specific processes as they work. Team members see the steps, the materials associated with each step, the up-to-date status, and what needs to be done next. ImmigrationTracker guides them through each process, so you don't have to.



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