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Gather facts effortlessly

If you're like other immigration professionals, you can no longer afford to gather facts using inefficient manual means. But if you've tried using online questionnaires, you've probably experienced the frustration of using case management systems that force you to do things their way. Many systems lock you into their vision of what to ask or how to ask it on questionnaires. Other systems change your data without your approval — inputting questionnaire data without giving you a chance to review it and decide which pieces you want to adopt.

Put your unique stamp on your questionnaires

With ImmigrationTracker, customizable questionnaires allow you to gather the information you need in a way that uniquely represents your organization. A set of ready-to-use questionnaires for common case types serves as your starting point. Create as many additional questions as you like, in your words, exactly as you want them. Define your own custom drop-down answer selections. Modify, delete, and arrange the order of questions with ease.

Use the powerful logic of the ImmigrationTracker immigration case management software to present additional questions dynamically, based on an answer you've just received. For example, if a sponsored individual answers Yes to having dependents, you can then dynamically present questions to collect the information you need about the dependents.

Gather the information you need automatically

Set triggers so the right case-specific questionnaire is automatically presented to the individual or organization at the right time, along with a list of the associated documents you need for that case. You'll be notified as soon as a questionnaire is completed or a file is uploaded. All uploaded files are automatically attached to the relevant profile, so the files are always right where you need them.

Control precisely what goes into your database

When you receive a questionnaire, information that differs from your existing data is clearly marked for your review. No changes are made to your data until you specify exactly what you want. You might choose to edit some of the information before accepting the data. You might choose to update the record with selected information fields only. Or, with a single click, you can choose to update your database with all the information received in the questionnaire.

Enter information once, use it everywhere

Once you populate the specified questionnaire data into the record, it becomes instantly available for all other purposes. All information you've gathered about the sponsored individual will get dynamically populated into any forms, email and document templates, and reports you use for them. If you ever encounter a situation where you need to edit the data on a form, you can do so — right on the form — and can choose to automatically update the database with your edits.



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