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I-9 Resolve Overview

If you work for a large employer, you probably have a large number of I-9 records that were created before you adopted a fully-compliant I-9 solution. These historical records represent a financial risk that can easily be $ tens of millions, as U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can fine up to $1,100 for each non-compliant I-9.

In the past, large-scale remediation was not feasible

Until now defining how to fix the errors required either hiring specialists or devoting limited HR staff. With I-9 Resolve, correcting a large number of I-9s is now feasible for the first time. I-9 Resolve is an easy-to-use manager self-service (MSS) application that guides your managers in correcting errors. You no longer need to rely on expensive professionals or HR staff for this.

I-9 Resolve does the heavy lifting

I-9 Resolve uses deep compliance logic to define what needs to be done to correct each error, then enables a manager self-service approach to fixing the errors. I-9 Resolve distributes the finishing work across the thousands of managers in your organization Ò the managers who are responsible for the individual I-9s.

Turn what used to take months into minutes

Using I-9 Resolve, managers can correct most I-9s in under a minute. Using a small amount of time from a large number of distributed managers, your organization can easily cleanse over a hundred thousand historical records in a month. For example, an organization with 1,000 managers can cleanse a hundred thousand records with about an hour of effort from each manager. I-9 Resolve turns what used to take months into minutes, and turns a balance sheet liability into a manageable expense.

Your managers are already trained

If your hiring managers use I-9 Complete to process compliant I-9s for new hires, they are already familiar with I-9 Resolve, as it uses all the same design conventions and language.

HR staff can centrally monitor as progress is made

With I-9 Resolve, your HR staff doesn't need to be involved in the cleansing work but they stay informed on the progress in real time. HR staff see the overall audit exposure for the company, and can monitor the cleansing progress, watching the risk go down as managers across locations cleanse their I-9 records.

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