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I-9 Complete Overview

If you work in HR for a large hiring organization, you may know the frustration of being responsible for your company's I-9 compliance levels without having the means to control them. If your experience is similar to others, I-9 compliance is like a black hole where ongoing HR effort disappears with little to show for it. At the same time, the risk of audit continues to grow.

Eliminate 90 minutes of labor per hire

I-9 Complete is an electronic I-9 solution that enables manager self-service and transforms hiring compliance into highly efficient and reliable operations. With I-9 Complete you:

  • Remove the Form I-9 guesswork and re-work with simple and intuitive form processing that allows field managers to get their I-9s right the first time.
  • Set operations exactly the way you want, then walk away. Map flexible roles to your unique organizational structure, and configure permissions independently.
  • Reduce I-9 & E-Verify® training costs by 80%. Your field managers are presented with what they need, exactly when they need it, and no longer need to be experts on I-9 compliance rules.
  • Automate the full workflow. Integrate I-9 Complete with any system including your HR system of record. Trigger processes, synchronize data, and present critical information wherever needed.
  • Streamline operations and ease administration with fully-integrated single sign on.
  • Process all eligible records at once with time-saving batch processes. Batch purge I-9s, and batch close E-Verify® cases.
  • Process compliant I-9s for remote hires without the need to meet in person, re-key data, or provide access to third parties.

Produce flawless I-9s every time

With I-9 Complete, dispersed managers with no special training produce flawless I-9s every time. They are guided every step of the way, and given corrective steps whenever they make an error. A role-based dashboard serves as their personal project manager, guiding them to on-time completion of all actions. Escalating alerts to required signatures and re-verifications provide extra assurance that deadlines are met. A visual document selector makes it impossible to select the wrong combination of documents and simple to find document numbers. I-9s must be clean and error-free before they can be signed.

Monitor and control risk from your desktop

I-9 Complete lets you monitor and control risk for locations thousands of miles away, from your desktop. See your organization's compliance risk open at the present moment, at a glance, and catch potential problems while there is still time to correct them. Get notified immediately of any sensitive E-Verify® results so you can ensure proper follow-through. Self audit in minutes to assess the on-time signature performance of your managers and teams. Become an expert on your company's risk by location, person, and timeframe.

Automate E-Verify® in the same process

I-9 Complete automates E-Verify® as part of your I-9 process, eliminating steps, duplicate data entry and manual processes. You participate in E-Verify® exactly as you choose, ensure your queries are compliant, and stay informed effortlessly.

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