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I-9 Complete Data Security

At Tracker, we use advanced technology for data security. We keep your data secure through a comprehensive set of policies, processes and infrastructure including data encryption, access controls, firewalls, intrusion detection, system redundancy, and more. Here are the key components of our security strategy:

Strong, multi-level physical security

Your data is secured in Tier III data centers in multiple geographies. Secure nightly backups and redundant systems protect your data in case of disaster. Data center operations are third-party audited, with an SSAE 16 Type 2 SOC 1 report available. Physical access to the data center is strictly controlled by guards, silent alarms, and video monitoring – all day and all night, all year.

Uncompromising data protection and security best practices

All data is encrypted at rest and in transit. Backups are also encrypted on disk at all times. The products support Certificate Authority High Assurance Class 3 SSL certificates with support for 256-bit AES encryption and 2048-bit RSA key length as per best practice. Tracker’s I-9 products offer full database-level encryption using SQL server transparent data encryption (TDE) and additional column-level encryption on P.I.I.

The Tracker solutions are compliant with E-Verify web services software, meeting current DHS requirements. User accounts require complex passwords, which are stored as encrypted values. Customer passwords are not known to Tracker staff.

Protection from intrusions

Our intrusion detection system (IDS) utilizes multiple detection technologies including signature-based, protocol-based and anomaly-based inspection methods to detect suspicious activity and alert operations personnel. Networking and security experts monitor network traffic, performance, and other critical parameters 24x7, every day. A security incident response team is on hand to escalate intrusions to executive management and law enforcement immediately.

Privacy from prying eyes

Sensitive information can be masked , so Social Security numbers, birth dates and other primary data is obscured on-screen, limiting over-the-shoulder viewing by bystanders and masking this data when viewed on reports.

Security built into every policy and practice

At Tracker we know that technology alone cannot fully protect critical assets, so we’ve also built security into our policies and practices. Tracker is Trust Guard verified for privacy policy verification as well as application security. Vulnerability scans are performed regularly by Tracker Corp and third parties. Tracker Corp’s IT leadership is CISSP-certified (Certified Information Systems Security Professional).

Trusted by industry leaders

The Tracker I-9 products have passed security reviews of Fortune 500 companies, utilities, universities, government institutions and contractors.



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